Captain Brian Nibbs RD* FICS FRIN FCMI

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Journalism, Press Releases & Public Relations


Captain Nibbs has had a long association with the published written word, commencing in 1982 when he became the originator and editor of Fore & Aft, the trade journal of the then  National Yacht Harbour Association (NYHA). This followed a proposal he made in 1982 at a directors meeting of NYHA,  for the perceived need of a publication to assist communication between members and to attract potential members in the formative days of the development of marinas and yacht harbours. The first few editions were in photocopied A4 single side format, with the first A5 printed edition, supported by advertising being published in November 1984.

Since re-named The Yacht Harbour Association (TYHA), Brian continued as editor of Fore & Aft for several years. The magazine continues today with quarterly circulation to the world-wide membership of THYA.

Building on this experience, Brian introduced a full colour publication – Jersey Harbour News – when he returned to Harbours in April 1996. Published and edited by PJ News & Publishing, this widely circulated publication continues to flourish and to provide Jersey Harbours with a platform to spread the word both internally and externally, and in particular to promulgate the very successful Jersey Boat Show, now an annual event every May, enjoying International participation and recognition.

He is also Press Officer for the Jersey Friends of Channel Islands Air Search. Brian enjoys excellent relationships with the various media and is able to follow up Press releases by arranging media interviews if required.

Outsourcing the drafting of Press Releases allows a new insight to your company:  what is obvious internally may not be seen as important for the public to know. Brian would be pleased to consider your requirements on a ‘one off’ or continuous basis.

Press Releases

Public Relations

Public Relations

Brian has assisted a number of local companies to raise their profile by assisting the management with arranging articles in local publications and interviews by the media. Helping to create this awareness, can lead to an expansion of business and turnover. Perhaps your business could benefit from this service? An informal meeting with Captain Nibbs could explore potential possibilities




Brian compiles and distributes Press Releases for a range of entities covering both the commercial and voluntary sectors. In addition Brian is Press Officer for Jersey Maritime International, a group formed in April 2010 to promote Jersey based maritime related companies.