Captain Brian Nibbs RD* FICS FRIN FCMI

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Mediation is the most used form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and is generally defined as: 'the intervention in a negotiation or a conflict of an acceptable third party (the Mediator) who assists the involved parties to voluntarily reach a mutually acceptable settlement of the issues in dispute'. 
Brian is an accredited Mediator of the School of Psychotherapy and Counselling, Regents College, London and is also listed as a Mediator with the Jersey Legal Information Board.


Brian is also a member of the Jersey Community Mediation Service, which is arranged by the Jersey Legal Information Board and administered by the Citizen's Advice Bureau.

Mediation in Jersey gained momentum with the introduction of Rules, both in the Royal Court  - June 8th 2004 - and the Petty Debts Court whereby the procedures of both Courts permit proceedings to be stayed to allow Mediation to be tried as a means of dispute settlement.
The Jersey Community Mediation Service is designed to cover small financial disputes, disputes between neighbours, disputes between tenant and landlord and other disagreements of a minor nature such as the quality of workmanship and service. Both parties must agree to the dispute being referred to Mediation and the amount must be less than £10,000.
Separate to the Community Mediation Scheme, Brian is available to be consulted about utiliizing Mediation for the resolution of disputes. This can be both efficient and cost effective in resolving disputes in the workplace or when disputes arise with non payment for services rendered or the quality of service received.

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Brian's latest appointment is in a liaison role for Geomarine, assisting the Project Manager in connection with Jersey marine related projects.