Captain Brian Nibbs RD* FICS FRIN FCMI

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Since the formation of the Greenhill Consultancy in May 2004, we have dealt with a wide range of marine related matters.

Our clients have asked us to undertake projects and feasibility studies which have quite simply demanded time that the client did not have, plus our unrivalled commercial experience, common sense and knowledge of how Jersey works.

Introducing Greenhill Consultancy

Our foundation for providing a professional service arises from over 40 years of experience in senior positions in both the private sector and the public service, including 9 years of self employment as a Consultant.

The Greenhill Consultancy also offers a personal service with regard to Jersey Registration and acting as Representative Person, as well as impartial introductions for company formation, finance and marine insurance.
But the range of additional services that we offer is far wider.
We invite you to browse through the website to see how we can assist you and your business.
Captain Brian Nibbs RD*
Director, Greenhill Consultancy Limited